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Circulating free DNA in a screening program for early colorectal cancer detection
Federica Perrone, Andrea Lampis, Claudia Bertan, Paolo Verderio, Chiara M Ciniselli, Sara Pizzamiglio, Milo Frattini, Martina Nucifora, Francesca Molinari, Gianfranco Gallino, Manuela Gariboldi, Emanuele Meroni, Ermanno Leo, Marco A Pierotti, Silvana Pilotti
Tumori 2014;100(2):115-121 | doi 10.1700/1491.16389
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KRAS mutations and M2PK upregulation in stool samples from individuals with positive fecal occult blood tests screened for colorectal cancer
Paolo Battaglia, Elisabetta Baritono, Andrea Remo, Roberto Vendraminelli, Antonio Conti
Tumori 2014;100(2):122-127 | doi 10.1700/1491.16391
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Sequential dose-dense 5-fluorouracil, epirubicin and cyclophosphamide followed by docetaxel in patients with early breast cancer with four or more positive lymph nodes
Roberto Murialdo, Maurizio Gallo, Davide Boy, Gabriele Zoppoli, Lucia Tixi, Roberta Gonella, Alberto Ballestrero, Franco Patrone
Tumori 2014;100(2):128-135 | doi 10.1700/1491.16393
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Prognostic function of Ki-67 for pathological complete response rate of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer
Guojing Zhang, Wanqing Xie, Zhaozhe Liu, Chao Lin, Ying Piao, Long Xu, Fang Guo, Xiaodong Xie
Tumori 2014;100(2):136-142 | doi 10.1700/1491.16395
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Do high-risk features support the use of adjuvant chemotherapy in stage II colon cancer? A Turkish Oncology Group study
Mehmet Artac, Nazim Serdar Turhal, Murat Kocer, Bulent Karabulut, Hakan Bozcuk, Suayip Yalcin, Mustafa Karaagac, Seyda Gündüz, Nalan Isik, Kazim Uygun
Tumori 2014;100(2):143-148 | doi 10.1700/1491.16397
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Pilot study of intense neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancer: retrospective review of a phase II study
Ben-hua Xu, Pan Chi, Jin-hua Guo, Guo-xian Guan, Tian-lan Tang, Ying-hong Yang, Ming-qiu Chen, Jian-yuan Song, Chang-yin Feng
Tumori 2014;100(2):149-157 | doi 10.1700/1491.16399
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Tumor volume reduction assessed by planning computed tomography in patients with rectal cancer during preoperative chemoradiation: impact of residual tumor volume on the prediction of pathologic tumor regression
Jung Ae Lee, DaeSik Yang, Won Sup Yoon, Young Je Park, Chul Yong Kim, Hong-young Moon, Sun-il Lee
Tumori 2014;100(2):158-162 | doi 10.1700/1491.16401
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Mono-institutional Italian experience with a double-lumen balloon-brachytherapy device for early breast cancer: results at a 5-year minimum follow-up
Alessandra Fozza, Flavio Giannelli, Gladys Blandino, Davide Bosetti, Marialetizia Milanese, Stefano Agostinelli, Stefania Garelli, Renzo Corvò, Marina Guenzi
Tumori 2014;100(2):163-168 | doi 10.1700/1491.16403
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Reproducible deep-inspiration breath-hold irradiation with forward intensity-modulated radiotherapy for left-sided breast cancer significantly reduces cardiac radiation exposure compared to inverse intensity-modulated radiotherapy
Yasemin Bolukbasi, Yucel Saglam, Ugur Selek, Erkan Topkan, Anglina Kataria, Zeynep Unal, Vildan Alpan
Tumori 2014;100(2):169-178 | doi 10.1700/1491.16405
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Management of pulmonary oligometastases by stereotactic body radiotherapy
Hakan Gamsiz, Murat Beyzadeoglu, Omer Sager, Ferrat Dincoglan, Selcuk Demiral, Bora Uysal, Serdar Surenkok, Kaan Oysul, Bahar Dirican
Tumori 2014;100(2):179-183 | doi 10.1700/1491.16407
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Evaluation of linear accelerator-based stereotactic radiosurgery in the management of glomus jugulare tumors
Omer Sager, Murat Beyzadeoglu, Ferrat Dincoglan, Hakan Gamsiz, Selcuk Demiral, Bora Uysal, Kaan Oysul, Bahar Dirican, Sait Sirin
Tumori 2014;100(2):184-188 | doi 10.1700/1491.16409
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Radiotherapy in patients with vestibular schwannoma and neurofibromatosis type 2: clinical results and review of the literature
Johanna Wagner, Thomas Welzel, Daniel Habermehl, Jürgen Debus, Stephanie E Combs
Tumori 2014;100(2):189-194 | doi 10.1700/1491.16411
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Incidence and dose-volume analysis of acute bladder toxicity following pelvic radiotherapy
Jin-hong Park, Young Seok Kim, Jongmoo Park, Hanjong Ahn, Choung-Soo Kim, Minju Kim, Jong Hoon Kim, Seung Do Ahn
Tumori 2014;100(2):195-200 | doi 10.1700/1491.16413
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Usefulness of combined PET/CT to assess regional lymph node involvement in gastric cancer
Kwonoh Park, Geundoo Jang, Sora Baek, Hunho Song
Tumori 2014;100(2):201-206 | doi 10.1700/1491.16415
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Comparing five diagnostic criteria for multiple myeloma: a retrospective study of 227 cases
Li Junxun, Li Juan, Tong Xiuzhen, Ouyang Juan, Zeng Bohuang, Liu Junru
Tumori 2014;100(2):207-213 | doi 10.1700/1491.16417
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Serum ALDH1A1 is a tumor marker for the diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer
Yong-Tong Cao, Jing-Hua Li, Yuan-Tao Wang, Yao-Wen Fu, Jing Xu
Tumori 2014;100(2):214-218 | doi 10.1700/1491.16419
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Outcome and patterns of care in advanced biliary tract carcinoma (ABC): experience from two tertiary institutions in the United Kingdom
Matthew T Huggett, Helen Passant, Chris Hurt, Stephen P Pereira, John Bridgewater, Somnath Mukherjee
Tumori 2014;100(2):219-224 | doi 10.1700/1491.16421
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Darbepoetin alfa administered once every three weeks for the treatment of anemia in elderly patients with non-myeloid tumors receiving chemotherapy
Gaspar Esquerdo, Mercedes Doménech, Pilar López, Carme Pedro, Kenny Villadiego, Manuel Constenla, Pedro Sánchez-Rovira, José A Gasquet, César A Rodríguez, the AVANT study group
Tumori 2014;100(2):225-231 | doi 10.1700/1491.16423
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Sexual satisfaction assessment in 194 nonmetastatic cancer patients on treatment or in follow-up
Alice Maruelli, Carla Ripamonti, Elena Bandieri, Guido Miccinesi, Maria Adelaide Pessi, Loredana Buonaccorso
Tumori 2014;100(2):232-236 | doi 10.1700/1491.16425
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The increasing incidence of remote metastasis: a case report of metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma to the rectosigmoid
Jennifer A Nielsen, Rajesh V Putcha, Cory A Roberts
Tumori 2014;100(2):e31-e34 | doi 10.1700/1491.16427
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Minimizing a tricky situation in breast irradiation with helical tomotherapy
Pierfrancesco Franco, Michele Zeverino, Fernanda Migliaccio, Paolo Torielli, Veronica Angelini, Piera Sciacero, Giuseppe Girelli, Domenico Cante, Cecilia Arrichiello, Valeria Casanova Borca, Gianmauro Numico, Maria Rosa La Porta, Santi Tofani, Umberto Ricardi
Tumori 2014;100(2):e35-e40 | doi 10.1700/1491.16429
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Technical and clinical description of a case of extensive anogenital Paget’s disease associated with anal cancer treated by tomotherapy
Elisabetta Garibaldi, Gabriella Cattari, Elena Delmastro, Dimitrios Siatis, Manuela Racca, Angelo Maggio, Domenico Gabriele, Elena Frangipane, Pietro Gabriele
Tumori 2014;100(2):e41-e44 | doi 10.1700/1491.16431
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A case of lung adenocarcinoma with postoperative recurrence of multiple bone metastases that showed a gradual complete response to combined administration of erlotinib and zoledronic acid
Takayuki Kosaka, Ei Yamaki, Akira Mogi, Hiroyuki Kuwano
Tumori 2014;100(2):e45-e48 | doi 10.1700/1491.16433
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Gefitinib leads to complete resolution of postoperative cervical chyloma and chylothorax in a lung cancer patient
Chia-Luen Huang, Hung Chang, Jih-Chin Lee, Ming-Shen Dai
Tumori 2014;100(2):e49-e51 | doi 10.1700/1491.16435
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Surgical treatment of an isolated omental cervical cancer recurrence: report of a case and review of the literature
Maria Luisa Gasparri, Filippo Bellati, Milena Pernice, Violante Di Donato, Giuseppina Morano, Claudia Marchetti, Cristina Donfrancesco, Morena Antonilli, Pierluigi Benedetti Panici
Tumori 2014;100(2):e52-e54 | doi 10.1700/1491.16437
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Management of a ruptured mucinous mesenteric cyst with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy
John Nelson, Jeremiah Deneve, Paxton Dickson, Pamela Sylvestre, Gitonga Munene
Tumori 2014;100(2):e55-e58 | doi 10.1700/1491.16439
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Case report of a long-surviving man with metastatic renal cell carcinoma treated with pazopanib
Raffaele Ratta, Daniele Santini
Tumori 2014;100(2):e59-e62 | doi 10.1700/1491.16441
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In memoriam of Anna Maria Casazza

doi 10.1700/1491.16823
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